Here's some project calculators to help you estimate your project.

Block and supplies estimator from Versa-Lok.

  • IMPORTANT! These VERSA-LOK unit, pin and cap estimates are only approximations for simple wall designs. They are intended to give you a general idea of what your wall may require. Before you order, obtain an actual estimate from your local VERSA-LOK dealer.
  • Do NOT include cap units when estimating wall height.
  • Base course of VERSA-LOK Standard units does NOT require pins.

This Concrete calculator can be used to estimate the number of bags of concrete it would take to fill a form with the dimensions you enter below. Compare the bag results to the cubic yards that is calculated to get an idea of the size of the concrete job and whether or not delivery by truck is preferable.
Enter Height, Length and Depth of form (in feet)

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