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Some Jobs we've done for our customers:

Installation of pool deck using interlocking concrete pavers, rebuild steps and install front walkway. Complete overhaul of landscape in front and rear of property. Install playground for children's play area. Build Stonewall around all planting beds.

Martin Block, Rockland, MA. Tel: 617-462-5244

Regrade lawn area and hydro seed. Install new front granite steps and walkway with intermediate steps. Install vinyl fence at corner of driveway with light pole built in.

Kathy & David Sheehan, Millis, MA. Tel: 508-376-4696

Remove original landscaping and design and install new landscaping for front of property. Solve grade problems with stonewall. Design and install new walkway and steps. Install granite step at front door. Design and install plantings in front bed.

Walter & Audrey Anderson, Millis, MA. Tel: 508-376-2536

Design and install new backyard including patio, new lawn, planting beds and dog play area.

Sue Sheehan, Westwood, MA. Tel: 781-407-7708

Complete renovation includes the design and installation of two retaining walls in rear of property to level backyard. Install plantings, lawn, lawn sprinklers, walkway, granite steps, railings and driveway.

Mike Dugan & Debra Alpert, Brookline, MA. Tel: 617-363-0030


Some testimonials from our customers:
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